Texene LLC is an innovative global leader in manufacturing slit olefin film fabrics that meet required product specifications. Our engineers have developed synthetic roof underlayment fabrics that are designed with the following five key points in the fore-front:

  1. Provide protection meeting physical requirements
  2. Resist moisture
  3. 100% recyclable
  4. Slip & tear resistance – Installation
  5. Quick roof repair

Our research and development team has come up with a unique composition olefin slit film (up to 6 mm), made with virgin resin and value added additives to achieve the unique properties as per the requirements. In addition, our manufacturing team uses modern weaving machines with up-to-date peripherals to reduce the stress and strain of slit film without damaging its intended properties during extrusion and is extrusion coated on a state of the art wide coating machine. Texene woven fabric has consistent desirable properties across the warp (machine) & weft (fill) directions. Texene’s synthetic roof underlayment fabrics are produced with air and vapor barrier properties.

Synthetic Roof Underlayment Fabrics:

Texene’s innovative engineers provide a number of choices in using “Weaving & Extrusion Coating” technology. Depending upon consumer’s extrusion coating requirements, our product is offered in polypropylene or polyethylene substrate with extrusion coating. We will manufacture the fabric as per your requirements for color, thickness, width, strength, print and any added properties with other options. Our study shows that a roof’s damaged due to natural disasters can be repaired immediately with the usage of synthetic roof underlayment, which helps to minimize or totally avoid water intrusion. The synthetic underlayment weights less and is easy to handle compared to standard asphalt-saturated felt. In addition, these olefin slit woven fabrics provide secondary weather barrier and flame retardant (optional) offers a class I fire rated product. This can provide added protection against fire spreading. Texene can provide “special” slip resistant fabric for steep sloped roofs of 2:12 pitch or more.


Oil, grease and water resistant barrier
Reinforced for tear and puncture resistance
Superior forming characteristics – easily folded without cracking or barrier loss.
By directional superior strength
Nitrite & heavy metal free formulation
UV stabilized
Flame retardant (optional)
High coefficient friction
Excellent strength to weight ratio


  • Roof

We have the capability of producing:

Weights 40 – 110 Grams per square Meter
Finish Widths 165 – 280 Centimeter
Printing Colors 4  
Weaving / Non Woven Widths 280 – 391 Centimeter
Core size 7.62 – 12.7 Centimeter
Weights 1.2 – 3.25 Grams per square Yard
Finish Widths 65 – 110 Inches
Printing Colors 4
Weaving / Non Woven Widths 110 – 153 Inches
Core size 3 – 5 Inches

The above can be supplied with the following combinations:

  • Woven polypropylene substrate extrusion coated with slip resistance.
  • Woven high density polyethylene extrusion coated with slip resistance

The above product can be produced ASTM E108 or UL 790 standards