From our offices in North America and in Europe, we direct and co-ordinate our customer tservice, manufacturing, and distribution throughout world. Our manufacturing facilities have an annual production capability of over 200 million square yards of technical fabrics. Throughout the TEXENE™ organization, we strive for a high degree of quality in our procedures, processes and most importantly, our people. Assurance of product consistency begins with our raw material testing procedures and continues throughout our integrated departments of extrusion, beaming, weaving, finishing, and shipping.

TEXENE product design is driven by customer requirements, which often leads to innovative solutions such as our unique CROHMIQ® Static Protective FIBC Fabrics. Attention to detail, flexibility to meet customer needs, excellent service and support, and continuous technological improvement are always at the heart of our operations.


CROHMIQ Static Protective FIBC Fabrics

CROHMIQ® is the world’s leading technology and product for ungrounded static protective fabrics for safe use in Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) for sensitive flammable vapor and combustible dust atmospheres. In 1995, CROHMIQ blue™ fabric was introduced to the market. Since then, CROHMIQ has become the global leader for static protective antistatic FIBC. The patented CROHMIQ fabric has been used worldwide by leading chemical manufacturers to safely package over 80 billion pounds of products. There is no substitute for CROHMIQ, therefore companies requiring static protective FIBC should always insist on genuine CROHMIQ FIBC from qualified CROHMIQ suppliers. FIBC manufacturers may contact our sales team for details on purchasing CROHMIQ fabrics. FIBC end-users can request a list of existing CROHMIQ FIBC Manufacturers worldwide.