Our Housewrap has two functions: to control airflow through the wall and to stop outside water from penetrating the exterior finish. Our engineers carefully studied the processes and designed fabric using non-woven or woven olefin with extrusion coating. The nonwoven or woven finish fabric can be supplied as per your specified requirements. It has the unique characteristic that it blocks rainwater from coming in while allowing water vapor (moist humid air) to pass through.

Housewrap stops water that passes through siding and allows it to slide away from the structure which protects the structure from rotting or mold growth. In humid climates, we recommend its use to prevent water damage to structures or frames and in dry-climate it prevents the air movement through cavities. This will result in saving hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling bills.The following are attributes that make a good house wrap:

  • Air permeability – The ability to allow air to pass through fabric. During the testing, it is measured as resistance.
  • Durability – The ability of the fabric to withstand UV (Sunlight) and resistance to tearing because of deterioration.
  • Water resistance – The ability of the fabric to prevent water from passing through. This factor is measured through water ponding.
  • Vapor permeability – The ability to allow water vapor to pass through. The measured number should be lower and measured in perms unit.
Weights 50 – 120 Grams per square Meter
Finish Widths 165 – 280 Centimeter
Printing Colors 4
Weaving / Non Woven Widths 280 – 391 Centimeter
Core size 7.62 – 12.7 Centimeter
Weights 1.48 – 3.54 Grams per square Yard
Finish Widths 65 – 110 Inches
Printing Colors 4
Weaving / Non Woven Widths 110 – 153 Inches
Core size 3 – 5 Inches

The above can be supplied with the following combinations:

  • Woven Polypropylene substrate coated with breathable coating.
  • Non-Woven Polypropylene coated with breathable coating.
  • Woven Polypropylene substrate coated with stabilized coating & perforated.