FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Fabrics

Texene is an innovative global leader in manufacturing slit olefin film fabrics that meet required product specifications. Our engineers have developed FIBC fabrics, using Circular and Sulzer projectile machines, that are designed to provide the following total protection and physical requirements:

  1. Provide protection meeting physical requirements
  2. Avoid handling damage
  3. 100% recyclable with no metals

Our research and development team has come up with a unique composition polypropylene slit film, made with quality resin and value added additives to achieve the unique properties as per your needs. In addition, our manufacturing team uses modern weaving machines with up-to-date peripherals to reduce the stress and strain of slit film without damaging its intended properties during extrusion and is extrusion coated with special blend on a state of the art wide coating machine. Texene woven fabric has consistent desirable properties across the warp (machine) & weft (fill) directions with “HIGHEST” strength to fabric weight ratio in the market.

FIBC Fabrics:

Texene’s innovative engineers provide a number of choices in using state of the art machines. Our product comes in 100% polypropylene substrate extrusion coated with blend of polypropylene; high density polyethylene and coating stabilize with UV. We will manufacture the fabric as per your requirement in color, thickness, strength, print and any added properties with other options. Our fabrics are made as per requirement thus providing a solution with tucked or untucked-selvedge or thermo cut or ultrasonic cut as per your preference. Also, the fabric can be supplied with coating or uncoated with reinforced edges.


  • Oil, grease and water resistant barrier (with or without)
  • Reinforced for tear and puncture resistance
  • Superior forming characteristics – easily folded without cracking or barrier loss.
  • Bi-directional superior strength
  • Nitrite & heavy metal free formulation
  • Manufactured to adhere to FDA, AIB, HACCP

Product Specification Data Sheets:

Standard Fabric Technical Specifications
Download data sheet


  • FIBC Bulk Bags – chemicals, pigments, pharmaceuticals, food, etc.
  • Potato, onion, or peanut bags
  • Construction or builder bags
  • Container liners – (special coating – sift proofing)
  • Waste & gardener bags