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From our offices in North America and in Europe, we direct and co-ordinate our customer tservice, manufacturing, and distribution throughout world. Our manufacturing facilities have an annual production capability of over 200 million square yards of technical fabrics. Throughout the TEXENE™ organization, we strive for a high degree of quality in our procedures, processes and most importantly, our people. Assurance of product consistency begins with our raw material testing procedures and continues throughout our integrated departments of extrusion, beaming, weaving, finishing, and shipping.

TEXENE product design is driven by customer requirements, which often leads to innovative solutions such as our unique CROHMIQ® Static Protective FIBC Fabrics. Attention to detail, flexibility to meet customer needs, excellent service and support, and continuous technological improvement are always at the heart of our operations.


CROHMIQ Static Protective FIBC Fabrics

CROHMIQ® is the world's leading technology and product for ungrounded static protective fabrics for safe use in Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) for sensitive flammable vapor and combustible dust atmospheres. In 1995, CROHMIQ blue™ fabric was introduced to the market. Since then, CROHMIQ has become the global leader for static protective antistatic FIBC. The patented CROHMIQ fabric has been used worldwide by leading chemical manufacturers to safely package over 80 billion pounds of products. There is no substitute for CROHMIQ, therefore companies requiring static protective FIBC should always insist on genuine CROHMIQ FIBC from qualified CROHMIQ suppliers. FIBC manufacturers may contact our sales team for details on purchasing CROHMIQ fabrics. FIBC end-users can request a list of existing CROHMIQ FIBC Manufacturers worldwide... More



Standard FIBC Fabrics

Texene is an innovative global leader in manufacturing slit olefin film to meet the demands of today's global FIBC industry. Our engineers have developed a series of fabrics using Circular and Sulzer projectile machines with the following characteristics:

  1. Higher strength at cost efficient weights
  2. Greater product stability
  3. Reuse resistance...More

Texene - Protective Fabrics

Architectural Fabrics - Shelter or Tarpaulin

Texene's Shelter or Tarpaulin fabric is replacing the traditional canvas of coated PVC. These products are manufactured with 100% recyclable raw materials. Texene's latest innovative temporary architectural fabric is designed keeping the five key points in mind:

  • Weight of the fabric while it is suspended
  • Natural forces acting on while in use
  • Degradation due to weather
  • Provide natural lighting without any additional energy
  • Safety (Flame retardancy, strength to weight ratio)... More

Texene - Military Fabrics

Metal Protective Fabrics

Texene provides a range of products using volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) technology. Our product comes in polypropylene or polyethylene substrate depending upon consumers' requirements with or without kraft paper backing and extrusion coating. Our metal protective fabrics are designed keeping the three key points in mind:

  • Provide protection meeting physical requirements
  • Avoid handling damage
  • 100% recyclable...More

Texene - Protective Fabrics

House Wrap - Fabrics

Our engineers carefully studied the processes and designed fabric using nonwoven or woven olefin with extrusion coating. The nonwoven or woven finished fabric can be supplied as per your specified requirements. It has the unique characteristic that it blocks liquid water coming in from rain while water vapor (moist humid air) to pass through.

  • Durability - The ability of the fabric to withstand the UV (Sunlight) and resistance to tearing because of deterioration. Fabrics can be made with any tear strength or with any UV protection required.
  • Air permeability - The ability to allow air to pass through fabric.
  • Water resistance - The ability of the fabric to prevent water from passing through.
  • Vapor permeability - The ability to allow water vapor to pass through...More

Lumber Protective Fabrics

Texene is an innovative global leader in manufacturing slit olefin film to meet and exceed the demands of the product. We have developed Lumber Protective Fabrics that are designed keeping three key points in mind:

  • Provide protection meeting physical requirements
  • Avoid handling damage
  • Slip resistance...More

Synthetic Curing Blankets

Our synthetic blankets provide an easy and effective way of maintaining the moisture during concrete curing process. The blanket allows concrete to maintain the moisture and avoid other elements in curing process to reduce or avoid cracking, dusting and scaling. Our synthetic curing blankets have the following features:

  • Provide protection meeting physical requirements
  • Avoid handling damage
  • 100% recyclable
  • Slip resistance
  • Permeability...More

Synthetic Roof Underlayment

The synthetic roof underlayment weighs less and is easier to handle compared to standard asphalt-saturated felt. In addition, the olefin slit woven fabric provide secondary weather barrier and optional flame retardancy (Class I fire rated product). This can provide added protection against fire spreading. Texene can provide "special" slip resistance fabric for steep sloped roofs of 2:12 pitch or more. Our synthetic roof underlayment has the following features:

  • Provide protection meeting physical requirements
  • Resists moisture
  • 100% recyclable
  • Slip & tear resistance
  • Quick roof repair...More

Texene - Industrial Fabrics

The Importance of Static Protective FIBC Fabrics

Electrostatic discharges from bulk bags can range in harshness from operator nuisance shocks to those with the capability of igniting flammable vapors and gases, and combustible dusts. By using flexible intermediate bulk containers FIBC ( bulk bag ) with static protective properties, the risk of a hazardous static discharges are greatly reduced. Type D FIBC made of CROHMIQ® static protective FIBC fabric are static dissipative bulk bags, but are also known as antistatic FIBC or as antistatic bulk bag. The occurrence of static electricity during FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) during filling and emptying operations must be safely managed and is a critical concern in the chemical process industry. Using CROHMIQ fabric to construct antistatic bulk bags eliminates the intrinsic risk of grounding failure that is always present whenever conductive Type C FIBC are used. For these reasons, over the past 20+ years, leading chemical companies have been switching away from Type C bulk bags to the safety of CROHMIQ Type D big bags. The use of Type C bulk bags is lessened each year as a result of the migration to Type D FIBC due to the hazards found in normal use of Type C FIBC.

The differences between Type D FIBC and Type C FIBC are great, specifically on the means of protection from static discharges and proper use. Type D FIBC are also referred to as antistatic bulk bags or FIBC, groundable D or Type D+ FIBC / Type D plus bulk bag, or Type C/D FIBC. Yet, only CROHMIQ is the leading static protective FIBC fabric since CROHMIQ Type D FIBC are inherently antistatic and do not require grounding to be safe. However, products sold as Type D+ FIBC, groundable Type D FIBC or Type Dplus bulk bags generally must be grounded to be close to safe; therefore, defeating the purpose of having an ungrounded safe, CROHMIQ Type D FIBC. Process safety experts in the study of electrostatics and static dangers have authored papers about test standards and the performance of the improved safety of Type D FIBC as compared to other types of bulk bags. CROHMIQ's technology engineers invented and patented the original fabric for Type D FIBC. TEXENE continues to perform research and development on Type D antistatic FIBC and electrostatic occurrences in FIBC in its own FIBC testing laboratory.

Texene - Protective Fabrics

Texene's expertise is in technologically advanced fabrics. The technology in CROHMIQ fabrics is protected by several patents around the world. Additionally, Texene's goodwill is symbolized by the trademarks used in connection with its products. For this reason, Texene was awarded United States trademark registration No. 3,097,115 for use of the "COLOR BLUE" mark covering "synthetic resinous fabrics for use in the manufacture of bulk containers in the nature of bags and wraps for industrial use." Texene uses the color blue in the manufacture of its CROHMIQ FIBC fabrics. The use of its color blue mark is not authorized for unlicensed, NON-CROHMIQ FIBC bulk bag products.

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