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CROHMIQ ® Static Protective FIBC Fabrics

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"CROHMIQ®, There is no Substitute"


  • CROHMIQ® fabric is a patented, woven polypropylene static protective Type D fabric used in the manufacture of ungrounded bulk bags or FIBC ( Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container ) for use in flammable gas, vapor and dust atmospheres. FIBC constructed of CROHMIQ fabric provide static protection by dissipating static charge through a corona discharge process, and by limiting the energy of discharges to prevent ignition of any flammable environment.
  • CROHMIQ® Static Protective Type D FIBC are used by Fortune 500 companies and many others in a wide range of applications where flammable gas or vapor such as ethylene, toluene, methane etc. or flammable dust such as corn starch, pigments, resins, fertilizers etc. are present.
  • CROHMIQ® FIBC have an outstanding safety record with over 15 million FIBC used to safely transport 40 billion pounds of chemicals since 1995
  • Testing by independent authorities, such as Chilworth Technology and Swiss Institute, confirms that CROHMIQ® FIBC comply with all national and international safety standards and codes of practice for Type D FIBC
  • CROHMIQ® fabric complies with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDA) and European Union (EU) regulations for use in the storage and transportation of dry goods, including food products and pharmaceuticals
  • When safety matters, depend on CROHMIQ® and do not allow substitutions as CROHMIQ® is the world's premier static protective FIBC fabric... More


Product Selection

CROHMIQ® static protective FIBC fabric is available in two colors, CROHMIQ blue™ and CROHMIQ white™. View FIBC CLASSIFICATIONS to assist the selection of our products for your application.

Data Sheets

Made to Order

5 oz CROHMIQ blue                   5 oz CROHMIQ white

Supply Conditions for 5.0oz/yard2 Fabric

Standard widths:  minimum order quantity is 10,000 linear yards for each width (+/- 10%). 

Non-standard widths:  minimum order quantity and pricing will depend on the mix or ratio of standard and non-standard widths ordered that can be produced in combination to reduce waste.  More than 3 in. of waste could warrant additional charge. 

Lead Time:  4 to 6 weeks

Visit our CROHMIQ Website for more information on CROHMIQ FIBC Fabrics