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ARCHITECTURAL FABRICS - Shelter or Tarpaulin

Texene's latest innovative temporary architectural fabrics (shelter or tarpaulin applications) are designed keeping the following five key points in the fore-front:

  1. Weight of the fabric while it is suspended
  2. Natural forces while in use
  3. Degradation due to weather
  4. Provide natural lighting without any additional energy
  5. Safety (flame retardant, strength to weight ratio)

Our research and development team has come up with a unique composition olefin slit film, made with quality resin and value added additives to achieve the unique properties as per the requirements. In addition, our manufacturing team uses modern weaving machines with up-to- date peripherals to reduce the stress and strain of slit film without damaging its intended properties during extrusion and is extrusion coated on a state of the art wide-coating machine. Texene woven fabric has consistent desirable properties across the warp (machine) & weft (fill) directions. Our fabric is replacing the traditional canvas or coated PVC. We will manufacture the fabric as per your requirements for color, thickness, strength, print and any added properties with other options.


The common applications are


  • tents: sporting events, exhibitions, temperature housing, etc.
  • covers: pool, firewood, golf course


  • green house, poultry & pig farm
  • aquaculture (Pond liners & covers)

Military & Governments:

  • temporary tents for storage, training, climate control, and maintenance
  • transportation of sensitive electronic equipment to avoid static (call 305 200-5001 for details).
  • temporary Aircraft hangers - moved from place to place with reduced time.
  • boat & weapon covers


  • extended manufacturing facility
  • equipment storage & Transportation
  • warehousing of chemicals or sensitive material away from plant
  • oil field covers
  • truck dock weather protection
  • storage of raw materials & finished products


  • odor containment: Sewer plant & landfill covers
  • salt pile covers

We have the capability of producing:

Weights50 - 400Grams per square Meter
Finish Widths165 - 280Centimeter
Printing Colors4
Weaving / Non Woven Widths280 - 391Centimeter
Core size7.62 - 12.7Centimeter
Weights1.5 - 11.8Ounces per Square Yard
Finish Widths65 - 110Inches
Printing Colors4
Weaving / Non Woven Widths110 - 153Inches
Core size3 - 5Inches

The above can be supplied with the following combinations:

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